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Live Free Or Die
Posted 8/13/2010 5:50:00 PM
   Here we are with the heavily promoted tax-free weekend in Massachusetts upon us. So many advertisers want your business, encouraging you to buy, buy, buy, and telling you how much money you'll save this weekend. It is so true. Don't you just love it? I wonder if our New England neighbors just to the north of us in beautiful New Hampshire have weekends like us. We are so lucky. Wait ,wait a minute, they don't do this type of thing in New Hampshire do they? They don't have to. They don't have a sales tax. Can you imagine sales tax-free shopping year round? Hey listen, don't get me wrong. I realize our incredibly high taxes here in good old Mass generate revenue for some good stuff that is needed, but how about this idea....we do this tax-free weekend thing more than once a year. I don't think it would break the proverbial bank in our great state. Do you?
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