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Tea, Honey or Lemon?
Posted 7/25/2010 1:39:00 PM
   How about all of the above! It's a steamy hot summer Sunday and I'm inside trying to figure out how to get my voice back. For some strange reason it decided to take a vacation from me yesterday. What is a radio personality to do without his # 1 tool? I HAVE to go to work tomorrow to tell you all about TNT's latest hit Rizzoli and Isles. So I have to figure this out. I watched tomorrow's (Monday July 26) episode last night and it is so good. If you haven't heard about Rizzoli and Isles yet it is a drama with it's fair share of funny moments based in Boston about Jane Rizzoli( Angie Harmon) who is the only female in the Boston Homicide unit, and her co-hort Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) who is the medical examiner. The two of these relateable characters are great together. They're best friends but totally opposite. Jane is a Tom boyish gruff yet pretty cop, and Maura is the brainiac designer clad doctor. Together they solve some of the scariest and creepiest cases in Boston. It's so cool to see the shots of Boston in the show. Angie Harmon absolutely loves...loves ...loves Boston! Tomorrow
I'll let you hear some of what she had to say about our great city. Anyway check it out Monday nights at 10 on TNT. Geez do I sound like a commercial? Sorry about that but I know you'll love it. Now back to the matter at hand...what the heck am I going to do about getting this voice of mine to come back from vacation? Please help. Any suggestions?
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