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I Scream!
Posted 7/13/2010 4:11:00 PM
      That's right....I scream..you scream...we all scream for ice cream!!!!! Do you find yourself craving that sweet, cold, creamy goodness all so more often in these hot sweltering summer months? Well that makes sense right? Plus don't you find that no matter what mood you're in, you can have a nice big ice cream cone, Sundae, or frappe, anything with ice cream in it and it has the power to put you in a wonderful mood. It really is a tremendous thing! How about when you hear the ice cream man in the ice cream truck coming down the road, in your neighborhood or at the park. It brings you right back to when you were a kid and you felt that excitement all over your body, and you think what kind of fantastic ice cream treat will I get from the good humor man today???? Hmmmm...let me think, maybe a Nutty Buddy!!! Childhood memories shape us in so many ways. Here's to truly hoping you have swell ones. Now ordering....soft serve vanilla with hot fudge, marshmallow and whipped cream!! Mmmmmmmm so so good!!!
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