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Just out this week is "V," the new -- and, duh, fifth -- album from Maroon 5.

The set was preceded by the singles "Maps" and "Animals," and like 2012's "Overexposed" features the group working with a variety of hitmaking producers and co-writers, including Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Shellback, Stargate and others.

Guitarist James Valentine acknowledges that this direction has been met with mixed reaction from Maroon 5's fans, however:

"That's a big debate among a lot of our fans who would love to hear us make another 'Songs About Jane' type of record, which was very much like, 'Oh, we're going into the studio for this amount of time. We're pushing out these arrangements like we're a live band.' This is not that type of record...

It's about wanting to be a part of the dialogue of what's happening on radio right now and be a part of that, and it is more of a producer's medium than the way we've approached records in the past, which is more of the band itself...

I think it's a natural evolution for us at this point now, though, because...the sounds that we're interested in right now are coming from lots of different arenas, lots of different worlds. It's not the way we used to make records."

With frontman Adam Levine's new season of NBC's "The Voice" beginning September 22, Maroon 5 is not planning an extensive tour until 2015, though it will play sporadic shows during the fall including a September 11 stop at the iTunes Festival in London. 

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