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Now this is the kind of news to start your long weekend off right!

My Fox Boston reports the heartwarming story of a dog who reconnected with his family after being lost nearly 50 miles from home.

This true-life “Homeward Bound” story begins with a couple who let their 9-month-old beagle out to “stretch his legs” during a long car trip.

The beagle, named Silver, took off and could not be found after hours of searching.

But Silver seemingly ran nearly 50 miles along the highway before being discovered by a Good Samaritan who brought the puppy to animal control.

From there, it was only a matter of time before the pair saw their Silver on the department’s Facebook page.

“It’s Silver! And I started crying and screaming at the same time an calling the kids to ‘See, come to see, it’s Silver,” the woman told My Fox Boston.

Is that not the most charming story you’ve ever heard? Check out the video and weigh in in the comments!

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