One of the producers of Lee Daniels’ The Butler” is not having a good day.

Oprah Winfrey and the rest of the cast of the Academy Award-nominate film were kind enough to sign a copy of the script for co-producer, David Jacobson.

Unfortunately, TMZ reports that his house was burgled and the signed script was among the stolen objects, along with Jacobson’s car.

Police might already be close to finding the person responsible, after some of the items turned up at a garage sale in the area.

In a case of odd timing, Oprah is also in the process of lining up her next acting gig.

The talk show maven would be playing very against type in a biopic about comedian Richard Pryor, purportedly playing Pryor’s abusive mother in the film, which is coming from her “Butler” director, Lee Daniels.

Oprah would co-star opposite Mike Epps as the late Richard Pryor. Do you think she’ll be good for that role? Weigh in below!

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