Quentin Tarantino has fully recovered from the “hateful” leaking of his script on the web.

Deadline reports Tarantino is officially moving forward with his new movie, “The Hateful Eight,” and he’s showing that by planning a teaser to coincide with the release of “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.”

“Sin City 2” once again comes from Robert Rodriguez, Tarantino’s pal and “Grindhouse” collaborator and will open next Friday, August 22.

Information on the teaser is vague, since filming has not even begun, but Deadline suggests it could be akin to the faux trailers that were released alongside “Grindhouse.”

One of them, “Machete,” spawned two feature-length adaptations, with the second – “Machete Kills” – featuring a mock trailer for the proposed third film, “Machete Kills Again… In Space.”

What do you think of the idea? Are you planning to see “A Dame to Kill For”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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