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Lindsay Lohan has lived her life on the public stage for years now, so it’s about time that she made it literal.

LiLo is going to make her stage debut in David Mamet’s “Speed-The-Plow” this fall, which is nerve-wracking on several levels for the actress, as she expressed to the U.K.’s “Daily Mail.”

“I think it’s just the idea of when it starts, on opening night, that’s what makes me the most nervous,” she told the “Daily Mail” of the London production. “I’ll probably mess up on the first night just out of fear.”

Fear also played a big part in her decision to pursue the play, since Lohan sees stage performing as a way for the public to see her as a real actress and not “Lindsay the tabloid person,” as she describes it.

“…[N]ow I'm in a position where I want the diligent schedule, I want to do something different and have people see me as an actress on stage, and that's all they see because I got into this to be an actress,” she tells the “Daily Mail.”

Lohan, who says she’s never taken acting lessons, adds that she doesn’t “act in a way that I do a lot of takes,” which she thinks will help her adapt to the theatre.

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