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Macklemore is confident enough to wear a fur-collared zebra print jacket and a Batman onesie, but he’s not unflappable.

The “White Walls” rapper confessed to “Rolling Stone” that he’s nervous to follow up his first record with producer Ryan Lewis.

“We’re definitely working on the next album,” he tells “Rolling Stone.” “Ryan’s got a lot of beats, I’ve got a lot of writing. Obviously, there’s a ton of pressure – it’s a sophomore album, and we never thought ‘The Heist’ would be as big as it was. Now we have to live up to that.”

Topping the breakout success of “The Heist” will be difficult, considering the independently produced album spawned four hit singles and earned them Grammys for Album of the Year, Best New Artist and Best Rap Album.

While they’ve been on the road for several months now, they made time to release one new track, “Arrows,” with singer-songwriter Fences.

Are you excited to see what Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will do next? Weigh in below!

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