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Loki won’t be facing off with the Avengers in “Age of Ultron,” which means Tom Hiddleston’s has a little extra time on his hands.

Deadline reports the “Thor” actor is being heavily favored for the role of Judah Ben-Hur in a remake of “Ben-Hur.”

The reboot has already been announced for February 2016, which in movie time isn’t so long.

So it’s a good thing that MGM has their eye on Hiddleston for the role of the chariot driver previously played buck Charlton Heston in 1959’s “Ben-Hur,” one of the most iconic films in cinematic history.

But the character’s story goes back many years before that, to author Lew Wallace’s novel, “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

Hiddleston has a number of other irons in the fire, including a part in Guillermo del Toro’s ghastly horror flick “Crimson Peak” and the role of Hank Williams in “I Saw the Light,” a biopic about the late country star’s life.

The star will also appear in a thriller set in an apartment building, titled “High Rise,” alongside Elisabeth Moss, Sienna Miller and Luke Evans.

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