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The reunion of Danity Kane is over as soon as it began.

TMZ reports that the group has called it quits after a physical altercation between Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard on Monday.

After Aubrey tweeted “hurt people, hurt people” that same day, she released a full statement explaining her side, along with Shannon Bex’s.

“During a recent group meeting, a business conversation took a turn for the worst when my group member punched me in the back of my head while I was speaking to another associate,” Aubrey wrote. “To be clear, she was not physically engaged or threatened prior to her attack on me.”

Aubrey continued by stating that she provided that information to police, and noted that there have been continued “lies” and “verbal abuse.”

We spent a year living on each other’s  couches, sacrificing any solo opportunity that came our way, finally finished our comeback album, and were days away from filming three music videos for you that would have played out as a short movie... We wish, more than anything, that our time, our team’s time, and most importantly your time as fans, was not taken for granted and carelessly disregarded,” Aubrey and Shannon continued.

The group reunited at last summer’s MTV VMAs. Aundrea Fimbres left the group earlier this year, shortly before the release of their latest (and now final) single, “Lemonade.”

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