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Buoyed by the recent chart-topping debut of his new album, "Mandatory Fun," Weird Al Yankovic's fans have not given up their drive for him to perform at a Super Bowl halftime show.

A petition launched a couple years ago via has swelled to 30,000 signatures in the wake of "Mandatory Fun's" release, which gave the parodist the first No. 1 album of his career.

Yankovic tells us the campaign actually inspired one of the songs on "Mandatory Fun," a marching band-style send-up of college fight songs called, appropriately, "Sports Song:"

"I've never done that before. It kinda got me thinking when there was a fan-driven petition to get me to play the Super Bowl and I never, y'know, I don't anticipate that's ever gonna happen. I don't even think there's a remote possibility. But it did get me thinking, 'What if? If I did play the Super Bowl, what would I play?' And I realized I don't have a sports song and I thought that I should write one, and I'm very happy the way it turned out. I can totally see high school or college marching bands maybe doing a cover of this at some point."

Yankovic has released videos for eight of the songs on "Mandatory Fun" but is not planning to tour to support it until 2015. 

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