She’s sorry, Mrs. Carter, but is she for real?

A rapper named Liv has been accused of being Jay Z’s mistress, and now she’s responding to Beyonce… in song.

Liv posted a new video this week for “Sorry Mrs. Carter,” a cover of Outkast’s “Sorry Ms. Jackson,” “TV Guide” reports.

In it, she denies that she and Jay Z’s relationship got physical, singing she’s not a “side piece” or a “mistress,” saying “me and Jay never screwed.”

 Liv’s tale continues that they connected on some “hip hop s***” but she walked away, though the rest of the song reads as her insisting that she could have had him if she wanted to.

At the end, she even manages to throw some shade at Queen Bey.

“And I hope you accept my apology. But on some real s***, it’s time to tell these young girls some real s***. Tell ‘em how you became a wife. You out hear telling ‘em how to ‘surfboard.’ Come on now, surfboards, Monica Lewinsky…” she says at the end.

Do you believe her? Watch the video and sound off in the comments section below?

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
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