Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images

Now the reason Sony busted up their previous plans for future “The Amazing Spider-Man” sequels has become clear.

The production company is adding a new member to Spidey’s family, and according to Deadline, a new film will be a female-led spinoff starring women of the Spider-Man universe.

The specific characters are currently being kept under wraps, though the film is expected for release in 2017.

That places the spinoff before the arrival of “The Amazing Spider-Man 3,” which was pushed to 2018, trading places with another offshoot, “Sinister Six.”

Beyond that, the prospective “Venom” reboot could also arrive in theaters in 2017.

Getting a mainstream comic book movie with a woman as the lead has been a torturously long process, though a Jennifer Lawrence-starring Mystique movie and a Wonder Woman spinoff starring “Batman v. Superman” actress Gal Gadot have been discussed.

Guardians of the Galaxy” has been historic for having the first female writer credited on a Marvel film with Nicole Perlman.

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