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She may love her daughter “Unconditionally,” but this North Dakota mom isn’t messing around.

WDAZ” reports that a woman named Cindy Bjerke sold her 18-year-old daughter’s tickets to see Katy Perry in Fargo.

In the post, which she says she designated “Spoiled brat daughter doesn’t deserve these tickets for sale,” Bjerke dropped the price.

The pair of tickets were sold at $90 and handed off in less than five minutes, according to the “NY Daily News.”

“I was not going to give her the tickets. I was not going to let her go to this concert with the behavior that she’s been doing,” the woman told WDAZ.

According to the local station, Bjerke is taking some heat for calling out her daughter on Facebook, and she claimed it garnered more than 200 likes before being removed from the site.

So far, Katy Perry is keeping her parenting opinions close to the vest.

Guess it doesn’t pay to be so hot ‘n’ cold with you affections! Share your take on this story in the comments section below!

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