Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus’s assistant must really “adore” her, because she now has a permanent reminder of her boss.

The singer tattooed her pal and assistant Cheyne Thomas with a smiley face, and it sounds like he returned the favor, “Vanity Fair” reports.

Miley posted a photo of her work on Instagram, but her new tat is still a mystery. She did, however, show a photo of him with the tattoo gun in hand.

They seem to have a sense of humor about their odd friendship, with the star posting a blurb from the “Vanity Fair” article.

“The person in question is one Cheyne Thomas, a constant but curious presence in Cyrus’s life. The legend goes that Thomas was working in a Starbucks before Cyrus plucked him from obscurity and made him her personal assistant and frequent photo partner,” the story reads.

In response, she captioned the screengrab, “I love that you’re in question @cheytom #biew #legendary.”

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