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Beyonce seemingly tried to put rumors about her marriage in the rearview last week by posting a new family photo with Jay Z and Blue Ivy.

But that only seemed to add fuel to the fire, and now “Page Six” claims to have gotten the juicy details behind their marital troubles.

“There’s still something there, even though it’s not going to last… They know they’re the king and queen of hip-hop – and really, all of music,” the source told “Page Six.” “Neither wants to lose that.”

There certainly have been some hints of behind-the-scenes drama, from the viral video of Solange Knowles going after Jay to the “XO” singer changing the lyrics to “Resentment,” which led many to believe she was calling out her husband for cheating.

“There’s face-saving involved – they don’t want to be looked at like other celebrities out there,” an insider tells “Page Six.” “They are business people first, entertainers second. Husband and wife comes somewhere down the line.”

Plus, Bey’s posting more photos with Jay Z than she has in months, which could mean things have gotten better or she’s just trying to cover.

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