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The past few months have been rough on Rob Kardashian.

After being shamed in the media following a significant weight gain, he reportedly chose to skip his sister’s wedding rather than be photographed.

But things are looking up for Rob, as his celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson, is telling “People” that his client is making moves to get back in shape.

“People forget he’s in the show, he has the sock business and he has other interests. But with a good diet, the right sleep and steady workouts, he will see changes. He’ll start seeing and feeling it in a couple of weeks and will see major changes in six to eight weeks.”

Peterson also said that Rob works out “in beast mode,” adding, “I know he can do this.”

Whether his weight loss journey will be explored on the new season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” remains to be seen, but the show will return this Sunday.

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