BRONX, NY - JUNE 04: Jennifer Lopez performs at Orchard Beach on June 4, 2014 in Bronx, New York. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)
After all these years, J.Lo is still the “Same Girl.”

Shockingly, that girl had never performed a full concert in her hometown until this week, but after Wednesday night, she now has.

Jennifer Lopez played a 90-minute set, according to the “NY Daily News,” revealing some new tracks from her forthcoming album.

The show, where J.Lo returned to her “First Love” – being able to perform in a place that means the world to her – also served as the launch pad for the State Farm Neighborhood Sessions.

And she really played up the hometown hero angle, ending the show with “Jenny from the Block” while kicking things off with a performance from her new, similarly-themed “Same Girl.”

“Don’t you just love Bronx summers?” she said at one point, according to the “Daily News.” “It’s a dream come true.

Her latest LP, “A.K.A.,” is due out on June 17. Is it “better late than never” or “too little, too late”? Read more of their review here and weigh in below!

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