“Someone came through that portal. It was all my fault.”

These are Joanna’s (Julia Ormond) revealing words in the latest teaser for “Witches of East End” season 2.

And in the same preview, that “someone” is revealed to be the girls’ brother, played by new addition Christian Cooke.

Details on why Joanna’s son didn’t make it through the portal from Asgard when they initially came through are murky, but answers are surely on the way.”

The other major takeaway from the trailer is that Rachel Boston’s Ingrid is “the key” to something, and we already know that Dash (Eric Winter) and his brother will regain their warlock powers when the show returns.

“Witches of East End” will return on Sunday, July 6, leading into the series debut of Marley Shelton’s sci-fi thriller “The Lottery” two weeks later.

Are you looking forward to a return to East End? Check out the preview and sound off in the comments!

(L to R) Mädchen Amick, Rachel Boston, Julia Ormond and Jenna Dewan Tatum star in the all-new Lifetime drama Witches of East End, premiering Sunday, October 6, at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Photo by Joseph Viles Copyright 2014

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