NEW YORK, NY - MAY 20: Singer/songwriter Toni Braxton promotes her book 'Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir' at Barnes & Noble, 5th Avenue on May 20, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)
Toni Braxton
is coming under fire for asserting that her son’s autism was a punishment for terminating a pregnancy earlier in her life.

According to the “NY Daily News,” her son, Diezel, was diagnosed with autism, which she wrote in her new memoir “Unbreak My Heart.”

“Is God punishing me for that abortion?” the “Braxton Family Values” star asked herself after the diagnosis, adding that she “believed that God’s payback was to give my son autism.”

Based on another passage in the book, which debuted on Tuesday, Braxton also appears to agree with Hollywood moms like Jenny McCarthy and Kristin Cavallari that a vaccination might have also been the root cause.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence that after my sons’ first MMR vaccine, I began to notice changes in him,” she reportedly writes (via “NY Daily News”).

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