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“How to Train Your Dragon” 
was all about Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) staying true to himself.

In the sequel, another character will do just the same – by coming out as gay. Writer-director Dean DeBlois tells Fox News that Craig Ferguson’s Gobber will do just that in the forthcoming “How to Train Your Dragon 2.”

 It’s be stealthy, but DeBlois confirms the character – who was introduced in the 2010 original – will hint at his sexual orientation after an ad-lib from Ferguson that was kept in the final film.

 Gobber says, “This is why I never married,” before adding, “That, and one other reason.”

 Aside from a marriage equality reference, the writer says that they will likely “shed more light on Gobber’s love life” in the threequel after this revelation.

HuffPost notes that 2012’s “ParaNorman” was the first animated feature to reportedly included an openly gay figure, and the move is still an uncommon one.

 After premiering at Canne, “Dragon 2” will receive a wide release on June 13. What do you think about Gobber’s coming out?

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