After stating that she would reveal the name of her new record on its release date, Mariah Carey has changed her mind.

And that’s her right as a diva, or in this case, a “chanteuse.” The superstar’s 14th album will be titled “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse.”

The back cover of the album features her “first and only self-portrait,” which she drew at 3½ years old.

The release date for “Me. I Am Mariah” has been as elusive as details on the record’s contents, having been delayed for months.

Yet the new date, May 27, appears to be sticking, with the star now revealing that the album would drop on both physical and digital release on the same date.

Based on earlier comments to “Billboard,” it seemed Mimi was plotting a Beyonce-style surprise release, with hard copies of the LP arriving after it hit the web.

Watch her new album preview above and sound off on the title in the comments!

Credit: Def Jam Recordings

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