I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” – well, that and a first look at Clint Eastwood’s film adaptation of “Jersey Boys.”

Based on the career of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, the hugely successful jukebox musical has been translated to the big screen, once again starring Broadway sensation John Lloyd Young in the elad role.

In a unique stylistic device, the show breaks the fourth wall with characters narrating to the audience at times. The movie also gives nods to the group’s humble beginnings, including where they got their name (a bowling alley).

But as with all behind-the-music stories, as the guys became wildly popular, things got a whole lot more complicated.

The film, opening in June, also stars Christopher Walken, Billy Gardell (“Mike & Molly”), Freya Tingley (“Hemlock Grove”), Jeremy Luke and “The Sopranos” actor Steve Schirripa.

Have you seen “Jersey Boys” the musical? What’s your take on the tweaks for the silver screen? Watch the trailer now and weigh in below!

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