Your long national nightmare is over, because One Direction’s new single has finally dropped.

As promised one week ago, the music video for their heartfelt new song, “You & I,” was released on YouTube and Vevo on Friday.

The video has the members of 1D performing the track and morphing into each other, all wearing the same ribbed grey sweater on a pier.

Notably, while the teaser showed the guys in black-and-white, the music vid shows them off in full color, and it’s better for it.

The boy banders also planned a contest around the song, inviting fans to make their own remixes with the vocal stems, which were available for download on Soundcloud.

Liam Payne, who shared his own “Big Payno Remix” of “You & I,” will choose his favorites for a 1D playlist.

One Direction will be busy touring the world this summer, hitting North America in August.

For more details on tour dates and tickets, head over the band’s official page and share your thoughts on “You & I” in the comments!

Courtesy of Columbia Records

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