Now that she has a franchise of her own, “Divergent” actress Shailene Woodley isn’t so keen on returning for “The Amazing Spider-Man 3.”

Woodley was originally attached to star as Mary Jane Watson in the second film, due out later this year, but her scenes were cut just three days into filming.

The starlet opened up to Total Film about the three scenes she shot, saying, “Because the scenes were so short, it wasn’t anything too intense. But it was really great because I got to work with Andrew Garfield, who’s an incredible actor and just an all-around really, really, really amazing human being.”

But if Woodley had the opportunity, she is not so sure she’d want to be a part of two franchises at this point.

Her “Divergent” co-star, Theo James, backed her up, saying that the shooting schedule and doing press for two back-to-back blockbusters would be tough.

Are you bummed Shailene won’t play MJ? Who would you like to see in the role?

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