Neon Trees vocalist Tyler Glenn has come out as gay.

Glenn, who has been a Mormon since birth, opened up about keeping his sexual orientation a secret in the latest issue of “Rolling Stone.”

“I had my crushes on guys throughout high school, but it was never an overwhelming thing until my twenties,” he said. “Then I’d be dating girls and in love with my straight friend and it was the worst feeling in the world.”

Glenn added that he was inspired by athletes like Jason Collins and Michael Sam, who came out of the closet before him.

“I really love all of the sports figures that are coming out recently,” he told “Rolling Stone.” “I appreciated Michael Sam was like, ‘I want to be able to go to the movies and hold hands with my boyfriend.’ Even hearing him say ‘boyfriend,’ I was just like, that’s cool.”

Neon Trees’ third album, “Pop Psychology,” is due out next month, and the group has been promoting their leadoff single, “Sleeping with a Friend.” 

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