The Good Wife” fans got more than they bargained for on Sunday, with an episode even more jaw-dropping than usual.

The episode saw the departure of original cast member Josh Charles, who has played Will Gardner for the past five seasons until being shot to death in a courtroom.

In an open letter (via Deadline), the CBS drama’s creators, Robert and Michelle King, explained that the actor had chosen to move on more than a year ago, leading them to the difficult choice to have Will’s death propel “Alicia (Julianna Margulies) into her newest incarnation.”

The Kings added that TV doesn’t often enough deal with “the irredeemability of death,” noting that his absence will be filled with the returns of Michael J. Fox’s Louis Canning, the always-entertaining Dylan Baker, and two of Alicia’s family members, her brother (Dallas Roberts) and her mother (Stockard Channing).

While he is departing the series, Charles will return for next Sunday’s episode in flashbacks and just directed another episode this month.

Charles will also get the opportunity to explain himself on Monday night, as he will appear as a guest on CBS’s “Late Night with David Letterman.”

Check out a video explanation by the cast and creators for yourself and weigh in on the twist below:

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