“Pretty Woman,” walking down the streeeeeeet! Are you ready for that on a Broadway stage?

Well, the Roy Orbison song might not make the set list, but it sounds like the 1990 romantic comedy of the same name might be headed for the Great White Way.

According to “The New York Post,” the Julia Roberts-Richard Gere starrer is currently being adapted into a musical.

J.F. Lawton, who wrote the script about a sex worker hired to pose as a wealthy businessman’s girlfriend, is on board to pen the project, while director Garry Marshall is also meeting with possible lyricists, composers and directors.

The original film garnered a reported $500 million at the box office, so it’s so shocker that the perennial favorite as being seen as a possible cash cow on the stage as well.

Though it’s not a done deal, one thing is for sure: the Rodeo Drive shopping number would make the ultimate show-stopper.

What do you think of a “Pretty Woman” musical? Which other rom-coms would make great Broadway shows? Give us your best suggestions in the comments!

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