Spice Girls alum Mel B is getting “scary” good at wowing us with cutting-edge technology.  Last month this early adopter made history by being the first entertainer to accept BitCoin as payment for her music and merchandise.  This month she outdone herself.

Mel B has released the world’s first music video using ARTVTM, which stands for Augmented Reality Television.

Her current single “For Once in My Life” utilizes the revolutionary ARTVTM platform.   Now fans armed with an iPhone or iPad can launch the new Mel B app and watch Mel and her dance crew perform in their own backyard, at McDonald’s, or virtually anywhere they aim their phone. 

You have to watch it yourself to see how cool this technology is!

Mel B stated at a recent press interview, “My husband, Stephen, and I could not be more excited about the potential for this new ARTVTM technology.  We believe this will revolutionize the consumer’s experience with music and we see ARTVTM  as the new platform that will deliver exciting new interactivity for the fans to engage with.”

Mel is embracing technology and changing the game!  What will she come up with next?

Download the app here.

You can see what she is up to here.

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