Justin Bieber isn’t the only person in his entourage to have a brush with the law this year.

The “Atlanta Journal-Constitution” reports that the singer’s bodyguard was arrested on Tuesday in Sandy Springs, Georgia, after allegedly taking possession of a paparazzo’s camera that is worth around $10,000.

“The security guard and driver followed and then stopped the photographer’s car in an adjacent parking lot,” the police’s Captain, Steve Rose, said in a statement (via “AJC”). “The security guard took the camera from the photographer’s car and both men left and drove to the home Bieber is renting.”

The driver was also taken into custody during the altercation, but he will reportedly not be charged.

Meanwhile, the bodyguard is set to appear in court on Thursday, while police say that Bieber was not involved in the incident.

Two other members of his entourage have also faced charges recently. His friend, rapper Lil Za, was arrested in the singer’s residence on drug possession charges, while Khalil Sharief was arrested the same night Bieber was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI.

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