Never say never, but Justin Bieber has reportedly rejected a plea deal over his arrest on suspicion of DUI last month.

The young singer, who turns 20 on Saturday, has allegedly turned down the prosecutors’ offer for community service, random drug testing and community service, TMZ reports.

Along with the DUI charge, he is facing charges for allegedly driving on an expired license and resisting arrest.

A judge in the case ruled last week that he would review video of the musician stemming from his arrest to determine if there were portions that should be kept from the public.

Bieber also released a new song in the wake of his scuffle with the law. The track, “Broken,” features rapper Blake Kelly.

As the song begins, the pop star sings, “I guess they want a reaction / but I ain’t gonna give it to them,” according to “Rolling Stone.”

Bieber later adds, “I cannot be broken / like I know you were hopin’.” Check it out at “Rolling Stone” and let us know what you think below!

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