Justin Bieber has had a rough couple of months, but things appear to business as usual.

At least, that’s what the 19-year-old star told fans, while speaking out on Twitter about his efforts to turn over a new leaf.

“Dance rehearsal. Guitar practice. Workouts. Voice strengthening,” he wrote. “Studio writing sessions. Always working to get better. Work hard. Be great.”

While at first it seems like he’s talking solely about his career, the young singer went one step further in his next tweet.

“I see all your comments. Keep strong. Be the best that you can be. Much love,” he added.

Bieber seems downright upbeat, considering that he’s still facing charges in both the States and Canada, including an assault charge in Toronto and his arrest on suspicion of DUI, driving on an expired license and resisting arrest in Miami.

Yet the musician has not stopped working, most recently dropping the new video for his song “Confident” three weeks ago.

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