From one child star to another, Jaden Smith is reaching out a helping hand to Shia LaBeouf.

The 15-year-old “Karate Kid” actor, son of megastar Will Smith, opened up to Shia on Twitter, according to E! News.

“I Waited In Line Today on Beverly Blvd To See @thecampaignbook I Never Got See Him But I Had A Very Important Message To Deliver,” he wrote. “I’m Here If You Need a Fellow Insane Person To Talk To. But I’m Seriously Here Not Like One Of Those I’m Here For You’s That Everybody Says.”

LaBeouf has exhibited some bizarre behavior of late, including wearing a bag over his head that read “I Am Not Famous Anymore” as a precursor to an art exhibit in Los Angeles.

As reported by Gawker, for the exhibit – titled #IAMSORRY – the public was invited to the star’s six-day residence at a gallery.

Once inside, people were able to bring one of a series of random objects into the room with them, while LaBeouf sat in room in a tuxedo with that infamous paper bag over his head.

Should Shia take Jaden up on his offer? What do you think of the exhibit? Weigh in below!

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