Back to FOX, here we come…

The O.C.” alum Ben McKenzie will lead the cast of FOX’s Batman prequel pilot, “Gotham,” filling the role of future Commissioner James Gordon, Deadline reports.

Before rising the ranks of Gotham’s police department, he is described as “an idealistic rookie” homicide detective, “a former college football star and a war hero.”

“Gotham” will also feature young versions of both Bruce Wayne – who we know will grow up to be Batman – and his butler Alfred, along with origin stories for villains like Catwoman, the Joker, Riddler and the Penguin.

McKenzie has stayed active since “The O.C.” ended its run in 2007, starring in five season’s of TNT’s critically acclaimed cop drama “Southland” until last year.

While superheroes continue to be hot on the big screen, with Batman set to return in 2016 in the forthcoming “Man of Steel” sequel, TV has had a good run with DC origin stories, including ten seasons of “Smallville” and the CW’s hit “Arrow.”

Are you excited at the prospect of “Gotham”? Dreamcast the show with actors to fill the roles of Batman, Catwoman and more in the comments!

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