Nearly ten years after the release of “
Mean Girls,” Lindsay Lohan had a blast from the past this week.

LiLo met up with actor Daniel Franzese, who played one of Cady’s besties at school, Damian, according to E!

The pair stopped to take a photo together, which the actress posted on her Instagram account Wednesday night.

Franzese reposted the picture as well with a very “Mean Girls” caption: “Classic NYC moment after an amazing dinner at #BodegaNegra You can’t sit with us!”

Since the film was released in 2004, he has made a number of TV guest spots and short films, along with the 2010 horror film “I Spit on Your Grave.”

Lohan is continuing her ride back to the top. Along with her OWN series, “Lindsay,” which bows next month, she also announced her role in an upcoming thriller at Sundance in January.

But did he shout, “She doesn’t even go here?” Share your thoughts on the “Mean Girls” reunion in the comments!


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