In the life of an A-list celebrity, nothing is as sacred as one’s relationship with their stylist.

But after 10 years, “Us Weekly” reports that Anne Hathaway has parted ways with Rachel Zoe and has been working with Penny Lovell instead.

“There is no bad blood between Anne and Rachel, and in fact the door is always open for them to work [together] again,” a source tells “Us.” “It’s just that Anne is looking to try new things, and she loves Penny’s work. It’s nothing dramatic.”

Another insider tells “Us” that they were all smiles when they ran into each other at a farmer’s market this past weekend.

Hathaway stayed out of the spotlight for the past year, telling “The Huffington Post” that she could tell people “needed a break” from her.

Yet the star made a splash at Sundance this year promoting her new film, “Song One,” sporting a pantsuit styled by Lovell.

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