Justin Bieber’s recent behavior has the higher-ups at his label worried for his safety.

The Huffington Post UK” reports that Universal Music Group boss Lucian Grainge spoke to reporter at UMG’s Grammy aftershow party and had some surprising words for the young singer.

“I’m very concerned about him. I’ve been concerned about him for many months,” Grainge reportedly said (via “HuffPost UK”). “And Scooter [Braun], who I work with very closely, is supposed to be here but is with him at the moment.”

Grainge stressed that this has nothing to do with Bieber’s music career, only about his personal wellbeing.

“He needs help. He needs an interview,” he said. “We are going to give all the support as a company to take as much pressure off him so he can look forward. Hopefully, we will get through to him.”

Biebers arraignment on charges of DUI, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest will take place on February 14. For Grainge’s full statements, head over to huffingtonpost.co.uk.

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