Kristen Bell is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but that doesn’t mean she plays by the rules.

The “House of Lies” actress is calling out the tabloid practice of buying photographs of celebrity kids to post in their magazines.

Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, took to Twitter to voice her anger at having her infant daughter, Lincoln Lee Shepard, be photographed in the park without their permission.

“I won’t do interviews [for] entities that pay photogs to take pics of my baby anymore,” she wrote. “I care more about my integrity & my values than my career.”

Along with Shepard’s call to boycott such magazines, she tweeted:

In closing, she reached out to fans of celebrity rags, posting, “Now think about how you play the MOST NECESSARY role in the sad chain of events-the consumer. Things won’t change till the consumer does.”

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