When Jennifer Lawrence hit the red carpet at the SAG Awards this weekend, she probably did not anticipate having the season finale of one of her favorite shows spoiled for her.

According to MTV News, J.Law was speaking with “Access Hollywood,” when she was saw Damian Lewis, the star of Showtime’s “Homeland,” on the carpet near her.

Though the “American Hustle” star made it quite clear that she had only seen the first two seasons, host Shaun Robinson accidentally gave away a MAJOR plot point from the season 3 finale after introducing the two stars.

After saying, “I can’t believe you said that,” Lawrence goes through a wide range of feelings, saying it felt like her “heart just fell out” and jokingly calling Robinson “a monster.”

In spite of it all, Lawrence’s grace in handling the situation only adds to the long list of reasons we wish she was our celebrity BFF.

Watch this video at your own risk, as we don’t want to be like the interviewer! What do you think of the mishap? Let us know in the comments!

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