Katy Perry made a splash – though not in an entirely good way – at the American Music Awards last year when she dressed up like a geisha for her performance of “Unconditionally.”

In a new “GQ” cover story, the “Roar” singer explains her side of the story, stating that geishas are “basically, like, the masters of loving unconditionally.”

“All I was trying to do is just give a very beautiful performance about a place that I have so much love for and find so much beauty in, and that was exactly where I was coming from, with no other thought besides it,” she replied, when asked if the geisha getup was culturally insensitive.

Perry also shared that she believes in astrology and aliens, adding that she hopes to get the President’s take in the near future.

“I look up into the star and I imagine: How self-important are we to think that we are the only life-form? I mean, if my relationship with Obama gets any better, I’m going to ask him that question. It just hasn’t been appropriate yet.”

The singer adds that she “might have won Wisconsin for him” since he “called on me a couple of time. Which was very nice.”

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