One Direction singer Liam Payne learned that sometimes tweets are much more than “little things” over the weekend.

According to MTV UK, Payne tweeted at “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson, writing:

This unleashed a Twitter firestorm, accusing the young singer of embracing the Robertson family’s stance on the LGBT communities that were sparked by Phil Robertson’s comments in “GQ” late last year.

In response, Payne tweeted on Saturday:

But when the comments continued to come, so did he, in a series of angry tweets about the media’s “stupid stories” and insisting that he was only saying he liked the A&E series.

 “Sick of all this bull, [I’ll] be back again when the freedom of speech law is back and people don’t believe [too] much into the bulls#!t they read,” Payne then wrote. “Can’t wait for the call tomorrow where I get told [off] for cussing. [It had] to be said like I said before much worse has happened in the world.”

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