CBS is about to get “real” in February.

The network announced the returns of two of its biggest reality franchises next month. First up on Sunday, February 26 at 8pm, “The Amazing Race” returns for an All-Star themed season.

According to the official press release, “Survivor” will premiere its 28th cycle on Wednesday, February 26 with a two-hour premiere.

In a new twist for the season, which will take place in Cagayan in the Phillipines, “castaways will be separated into three distinct tribes – brawn, brains and beauty.”

Phil Keoghan and Jeff Probst will both be back with their respective shows as well.

CBS has yet to announce the rest of their midseason schedule. Aside from the debut of “Intelligence” this month and the premiere of “Friends with Better Lives” on March 31, the network still has its adaptation of “Bad Teacher” and a drama called “Reckless” on the bench.

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