Kanye West
got tangled up in an altercation at a chiropractor’s office this week while defending fiancé Kim Kardashian.

According to TMZ, the rapper drove down to the office and allegedly punched an 18-year-old man in the waiting room after the man reportedly started shouting profanity and racial slurs at her.

Kim is believed to have called Kanye when the man started yelling, and he rushed down to be with her. After the alleged assault, the man is said to be pursuing his legal options in the incident.

Though Kanye is now involved in a battery investigation, TMZ reports that Kim has met with a lawyer regarding a countersuit, purportedly claiming that he made criminal threats against her.

Yet the music star isn’t out of the woods, as he has been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft over an incident with a photographer at LAX in the summer.

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