Having grown up as one of the Osbournes, Kelly Osbourne knows that a celebrity’s job is never done.

The same day she announced that her engagement to Matthew Mosshart was over, she sat down for an interview with E! News to explain the situation.

“It was a mutual decision. We love each other very much,” she said of Mosshart, a vegan chef. “It just wasn’t the right time for us and I think if we weren’t as mature and adult than we are, then we could have gone down a road that wasn’t really nice.”

Osbourne adds that she and Mosshart are still good friends and that there is “no dramatic story.” She also dished on a recent photo of herself tagging a building with none other than Justin Bieber.

“It was my friend’s birthday. We stop by and all of a sudden there were people spray-painting and then I got a lesson on spray-painting from Justin Bieber and he’s really lovely and he’s really nice, completely different than the media perception,” she said.

The “Fashion Police” co-host then joke that he isn’t “half as bad” as she was at his age.

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