A group of women in Miami had a date with “Destiny” Tuesday night when they were greeted with a major surprise at a karaoke bar.

After renting out a private room at Sing Sing Karaoke, two girls decided to sing Beyonce’s “Party” well into the night.

A post on the Sing Sing Facebook page (via “The Huffington Post”) offered up a hypothetical, in which the friends started the song and two women came in and started singing and dancing along.

“Okaaaay, sure, come on in strangers. Wait. You guys look a lot like…Are you series,” the post said. “You’re not dreaming. These two women are Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. And you’re singing her song.”

The former Destiny’s Child singers hung out with the girls and stopped for pictures, even stopping to take one with the third friend who was sleeping in the booth at the club.

The photos have since been taken down from the Sing Sing page, but you can check them out over at “The Huffington Post.”

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