Though the last “Tonight Show” shakeup threatened to mar the historic late night series’ legacy, NBC is spotlighting the show’s past as Jimmy Fallon prepares to take over next month.

The new “Tonight,” which is set to debut during the Sochi Olympics in February, got its first promo, and it honors the show’s last 60 years as the torch is passing once again, according to “Entertainment Weekly.

Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and even Conan O’Brien got a mention, though most of the heavy lifting in the 66-second teaser focused on the big three: Carson, Leno and now Fallon.

“Heeeeeere’s Johnny” and Carnac had their moments, and the preview even showed a clip of Leno’s first appearance on Carson’s “Tonight” as a stand-up.

In Fallon’s place on “Late Night” will be “Saturday Night Live” writer and “Weekend Update” co-host Seth Meyers.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” will kick off on Monday, February 17, while “Late Night” will start one week later on February 24.

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