When Lady Gaga announced a big surprise was on the way at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, many on her Little Monsters thought it was time for the release of her “Do What U Want” music video.

In fact, the reveal was centered on the track, but instead of the video, Gaga shared a studio version of “Do What U Want” featuring Christina Aguilera instead of R. Kelly.

Now Mother Monster is speaking out, explaining the long wait for the video for her latest single.

“It is late because, just like with the Applause video unfortunately, I was given a week to plan and execute it,” she wrote on her official site, adding, “All [of my] most successful videos were planned over a period of time when I was rested and my creativity was honored.”

Gaga went on to say that her latest album has been plagued with behind-the-scenes issues before stating that “those who did not care about ARTPOP’s success are now gone…”

Read the full post at littlemonsters.com. Is the Gaga-Christina duet tiding you over or are you annoyed about the delayed music video? Weigh in below!

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