The name’s Fleming. Ian Fleming. It might not have quite the same ring as the eventual James Bond moniker, but a new miniseries paying homage to the man who started it all.

A new trailer for the BBC America mini, “Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond,” centers on the writer, who created the character in his book series that eventually became one of the longest-running franchises in film history.

Set to air in the U.S., the British production stars Dominic Cooper (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier) as Fleming, along with Lara Pulver (“Sherlock”) as a baroness with whom he has an affair.

“Fleming” opens at the start of World War II, when a young Fleming joined the war effort against the Nazis, according to BBC America.

His time with the Naval Intelligence brings him closer to the world of espionage that he wrote about in his now-iconic novels.

The four-week event will debut on BBC America on Wednesday, January 29 at 10pm. Will you tune in for “The Man Who Would Be Bond? Weigh in below!

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