Since New Year’s is all about the melding of the old and the new, it makes sense that “TODAY” is finishing 2013 with the reunion of two of its most famous faces.

According to “DeadlineBryant Gumbel will join Jane Pauley for a reunion after more than two decades apart.

The reunion will take place on December 30, with Gumbel returning from “TODAY” after his departure in 1997.

Pauley spent seven years as his co-anchor before her departure several years earlier in 1989, “Deadline” reports.

She continues to appear on “TODAY” for a monthly segment regarding “Americans over 50 embarking on new careers.”

Gumbel, who returned for the show's 60th anniversary (pictured above), also continues to host HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” which has been on the air since before he departed from “TODAY.”

Are you excited about a Bryant-Jane reunion? Would you like them to return on a more permanent basis? Sound off in the comments!

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